Blackline Masters (in PDF & Word) - K-9

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Don Steward Blog


Estimation 180 - K-6

"Each day of the school year I present my students with an estimation challenge. I love helping students improve both their number sense and problem solving skills. I'd like to share the estimation challenges with you and your students. Michael Fenton and I have collaborated on this for your students. Happy Estimating!" ~ Andrew Stadel

This site features varied and interesting photo and video prompts which evoke collaboration and strategic estimation.


Learn Teach Lead - K-12

"The Learning Exchange is on a mission to share rich, research-based content focused on student achievement. Built in consultation with Ontario’s Ministry of Education, Student Achievement Division, the resources are developed by educators for educators. The Learning Exchange supports the goal of achieving excellence in education for early learning, K-12 and adult education. Join us in the collaborative space and deepen your learning. Connect with educators from around the world, hear the latest research from experts, and see practice in action. The site is powered by MediaFace Inc."


Math is Fun - K-12

"Math is Fun offersmathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner, because we believe that mathematics is fun."


MathsFrame - K-3

"I created Mathsframe because I thought there was a lack of high quality interactive resources for teaching maths in primary schools. I wanted to make games which could be used by teachers to explore numbers and patterns with their students. Games that were designed around the curriculum, that were simple to understand, and that could be easily differentiated to suit a class's needs."

Simple and easily-accessed examples of interactive math - good stuff!


MathWire - K-12

" is designed to provide activities and appropriate worksheets for teachers to use in their classrooms. All activities and worksheets support the constructivist approach to learning mathematics and the NCTM Standards.

The activities are classroom-tested by teachers and appropriate modifications have been made to reflect this field-testing. These activities are posted online in an effort to share quality activities and routines within the mathematics community."


National Council for Teachers of Mathematics - K-12

"The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is the global leader and foremost authority in mathematics education, ensuring that each and every student has access to the highest quality mathematics teaching and learning. We envision a world where everyone is enthused about mathematics, sees the value and beauty of mathematics, and is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords."


NRich - K-12

"The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice. More information on many of our other activities can be found here."

A huge repository of relevant math resources featuring research articles and numerous grade/stage categorized tasks.


OAME - K-12

Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators


Ontario Junior Math - 4-6

"Helen Courssaris (BA, BEd, MEd) is an elementary teacher who LOVES teaching math! She, like many, many other teachers out there, has spent countless hours searching the internet for resources when planning her math units and lessons. She thought it would be great if there was one website where Ontario teachers could find everything they needed to plan and instruct rich and meaningful math lessons, including technology links, and specific resources that fit well with the Ontario elementary math curriculum. She hopes that others, especially new teachers, will find it useful and even contribute by sharing their own experiences, resources and ideas.

She currently teaches Grades 6 at Charles H. Best Middle School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

Lots of good junior division stuff here!


Pinterest Math - K-12